How is Molybdenum Powder Used In Different Industries?

Molybdenum powder is an important inorganic mineral. From a geological point of view, molybdenum powder is a natural inorganic mineral in the earth’s outer shell. In general, molybdenum powder can be divided into spray molybdenum powder, ultrafine molybdenum powder, nano molybdenum powder, large particle size molybdenum powder and high purity molybdenum powder. The application of molybdenum powder has developed rapidly and is now widely used in industrial and agricultural fields such as paper, plastics, coatings, food, glass, ceramics.

Application of molybdenum powder in the paper industry

In the papermaking process, the use of molybdenum powder allows the resulting paper to have a good gloss, a tight structure and a low friction. Molybdenum powder can be used to replace wood pulp and other pigments to improve paper brightness, impermeability, porosity and volume. For important papers, such as newsprint, although it is produced in an acidic environment, molybdenum powder can also be used. Alkali treatment is mainly used to produce fine printing and writing paper. At present, the use of molybdenum powder in paper coating formulations has increased significantly, from 5% to 10% to about 30%.

Application of molybdenum powder in plastic polymer

For plastic polymers, molybdenum powder is a very important filler, especially in Europe. Molybdenum powder in Europe and China accounts for 60% of the market for mineral fillers and reinforcing agents. Molybdenum powder filler can be used for plasticizing PVC (cable, floor artificial leather, etc., heavy calcium accounted for 10%~30%), rigid polyvinyl chloride (hard PVC doors and windows, profiles, plates, pipes), unsaturated polyester materials (cars) , sheet metal forming and integral molding in the home appliance and home appliance industries), polypropylene (furniture, automotive, packaging, fiber, etc.) and polyethylene.

Molybdenum powder for paint and coating production

Molybdenum powder for paint and coating

The production of paint is another important use of molybdenum powder. In addition to the plastic polymers mentioned above, molybdenum powder is also an important filler in the production of paints and coatings. The fineness and particle distribution of the incorporated molybdenum powder can determine the transparency of the coating. Therefore, high purity molybdenum powder is preferred in this application. Molybdenum powder is also very important in waterborne coatings. It can improve the quick-drying performance of paint and is of great significance to road markings. In addition, molybdenum powder is lower in price than titanium dioxide, and the use of molybdenum powder in coatings can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide used, which is economically more friendly. These advantages will further stimulate the development of molybdenum powder in paints and coatings.

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