How is Molybdenum Powder Used in Modern Industries?

Applications in the paper-making industry

Molybdenum powder used in the paper-making industry can make paper bright and easy to drain moisture, as well as a solid structure, uniform coating, and low friction. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the world paper industry has successfully changed from an acidic process to an alkaline process, which has revolutionized the use of fillers. Molybdenum powder instead of wood pulp and other pigments can improve the paper brightness, opacity, voids, pine density and so on. At present, the amount of molybdenum powder used in the formulation of paper-making coating has increased significantly from 5% ~ 10% to about 30%.

Applications in plastics and polymers

Molybdenum powder is an extremely important filler, which accounts for 60% of the mineral filler and reinforcer market by weight in Europe. Molybdenum powder filling material mainly used in plasticized PVC (cable, floor leather, etc., coarse whiting accounted for 10% ~ 30%,) and rigid polyvinyl chloride (rigid PVC doors and Windows, profiles, sheet, pipe, sheet in 5% ~ 20%, 40% ~ 80%) in floor tile, unsaturated polyester material sheet molding (cars, electronics and appliance industry and the overall molding), polypropylene (furniture, automotive, packaging, fiber, etc.) and polyethylene.

The addition of heavy calcium as filler into plastics can not only increase capacity, reduce cost and make the cloth uniform, but also improve the processing performance, wear resistance, tensile strength, impact strength, bending strength, elongation at break and thermal properties of products. In addition, the addition of heavy calcium can improve the stability of plastic products.

It is reported that heavy calcium is widely used in PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene and various unsaturated resins, among which PVC products are the earliest and largest market for molybdenum powder. For example, the application of molybdenum powder in soft polyethylene wire, PVC, PVC tile, and calcium plastic materials accounted for 20% ~ 50%, 10% ~ 30% in polyethylene, polypropylene packaging materials and  20% ~ 60% in auto parts and roof.

Applications in the production of paints and coatings

Paint production is another important use of molybdenum powder. Molybdenum powder is an important filler in paint production, and its fineness and particle distribution determine the transparency of the paint. In addition, molybdenum powder has many excellent characteristics such as good weather resistance, wear resistance, low electrolyte content, and PH stability effect, which can improve corrosion resistance and coating rheology.

Moreover, the use of molybdenum powder in the paint can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide, which is considered very advantageous in the economy, and this will further stimulate the increase of molybdenum powder in paint, paint dosage.

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