Various Uses of Molybdenum and Molybdenum Alloy Products

Molybdenum, whether it acts as a chemical element or a metal, has a wide range of applications. Pure molybdenum wire is used in high-temperature electric furnaces; molybdenum sheet is used to manufacture radio village and X-ray equipment; molybdenum in alloy steel can improve elastic limit, corrosion resistance and maintain permanent magnetism. In addition, molybdenum is one of the seven micronutrients required for plant growth and development. Without it, plants cannot survive. Animals and fish, like plants, also require molybdenum elements.

The main consumption area of molybdenum is the steel industry. More than 80% of molybdenum is added as an element of steel in industrially developed countries. Only about 20% of molybdenum is used in the production of metal molybdenum, superalloys and special alloys, chemicals used in petrochemical, light industry, electronics and some high-tech fields.

Rods, strips, plates, foils and shaped products of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys are commonly used in metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, electronics, lighting and some high-tech fields: Such as the support of the lighting filament, the mandrel wire and the reflective screen; Anodes, gates, auxiliary electrodes and gaskets for the electronics industry; containers, boats, heaters for vacuum plating and sputtering; heating element, electrode, heat shield for high-temperature furnace; thermocouple and protective cover for temperature measurement; etc.

In the past 10 years, the application of molybdenum has been further expanded. For example, thermal spraying with molybdenum powder or molybdenum wire has greatly improved the service life of piston rings and gear parts on automobiles; In the glass and refractory fiber industry, molybdenum can replace the previous platinum crucible and electrode, and has achieved great results.

The emergence of high-temperature molybdenum has made the application of molybdenum in halogen mercury lamps and vacuum furnaces larger and larger. In the die casting industry, molybdenum and its alloys can be used as die-casting mold materials for colored and ferrous metals.

The heat-resistant molybdenum-based ceramic tube is suitable for the continuous measurement of the casing and hot extrusion die of the oxygen top-blown converter in the steelmaking process; the molybdenum alloy head is widely used for the production of seamless steel pipes and stainless steel pipes, which significantly improves productivity and product quality and reduces cost.

The alloy formed by molybdenum and tungsten has excellent corrosion resistance (zinc solution and zinc vapor). The vertical shaft and temperature measuring sleeve have been widely used by Mo-30W alloy, which greatly reduces downtime maintenance and improves working conditions. MoSi2 has excellent oxidation resistance. It can be used as a heating element with a temperature of 1700 ° C in the atmosphere.

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